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Hello Beautiful,

Welcome on my website!

I am so excited to see you here, and to introduce you to a whole new world of authenticity, joy and freedom!

My name is Barbara, I am a Transformational Mindset and Business Coach, with background in Psychology and performing arts supporting young creatives like you or me to find their purpose + reignite their passion to transform their lives into the one they have been dreaming of for ages!

I totally got it what it feels like to dragging yourself from day to day to pay for Uni, and the bills, while all your dreams are on pause.

I totally get it what it feels like to live your small version instead of chasing your hearts desires because your family or the society says so. I know it. I have been there.

For years I have been living my life according to what I though was right, completely ignoring my soul’s desires. After giving up my dreams on becoming a professional dancer I wanted to pursue a career in Psychology and Alternative Health Therapies, betraying myself and thinking this is what I am meant to do. No wonder all I found was obstacles after obstacles. I did not manage to get the “right job”, and after several times of failing my own expectations I hit rock bottom. I felt so stuck in the world I created, I could not see the way out. I knew what I wanted – to get a good job, and be a psychologist, help people, have a family, go home and live happily ever after, just like everyone else in my family and apparently in the society. But thinking about the possibility of this “dream” coming true made me feel suffocating, like I had to give up on all my dreams and creative aspirations forever to have a happy life.  Happy, right??

And then, in the midst of desperation and misery I realised I was systematically, constantly forgetting about and convincing myself that I have to compromise my dreams and creativity to make money and get the things I want in life. Crazy stuff…

To support my transformation and to re-connect to my creativity I started to study various energy healing and self-development modalities, such as Theta Healing, Crystal Layout, NLP, Emotional Release and after an intensive period of deep, deep transformations my life just changed! Instead of the small, grey version of me I became my wildly colourful, fun and free self again I almost forgotten about!

As my awareness has shifted in my personal life it has influenced my professional life as well, as I found I can not only incorporate what I learned about myself for my own benefit, but I can help other creatives like you to release blocks and break through perceived limitations to live your happiest, most authentic and joyful life while making your wildest dreams come true!

As the result of my deeply transformative and inspiring journey I am here, ready to support you with all the tools you need to release limiting blocks that are holding you back from having the life of your heart’s desires!

My aim is to empower you in creating a life filled with love and joy and to guide you on the way of self-discovery through an intensive creative self-healing journey.

I not just believe, I do know that everything is possible and having a harmonious, balanced life is only a thought away.

Click here to join the waiting list for my Dream Accelerator Intensive Energy Coaching Program.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Lots of Love,



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